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27 Jun

Glaucoma…a message from your optometrist

Did you know people with 20/20 vision can still have glaucoma?

The NZAO (NZ Association of Optometrists) states that more than 70,000 New Zealanders aged 40 years and older have glaucoma, but at least half do not know they have it. Glaucoma is one of leading causes of blindness in Kiwis. However, the good news is that glaucoma is also one of the most easily treated eye diseases... if picked up early...

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23 Jun

Soljans Estate Winery

Soljans Estate Winery is the perfect place for your next function! Whether it is a birthday, a work celebration, a conference, or anything in between, come and celebrate amongst the vines in our gorgeous venue at the gateway to Kumeu wine country. Only 20 minutes away from Auckland city, but a world away from the hustle and bustle...

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20 Jun

Spec or bespoke?

When it comes to choosing between spec (speculative) and bespoke for your building project there is no right or wrong answer: both have their pros and cons.

Spec plan homes are like buying a jacket at the shops – you pick one you like that suits you from a range of available options. A bespoke home is more akin to having a jacket tailor-made to perfectly fit your shape in a style and fabric of your own choosing...

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17 Jun

Shorthair Cat Show

Sunday 19 June 2022 – 10.00am to 3.00pm.

Kumeu Community Centre, Access Road

TOSCA Cat Club is running a show in June featuring all Shorthair Breeds of cats and kittens, along with our specialist breeds of Siamese and Oriental Shorthair (the tall slinky ones)...

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13 Jun

Factors affecting rent levels

As a landlord, you want to get the highest rent possible for your investment property.  However, it is important to price your property to meet the market to avoid extended vacant periods which will impact on your return. 

Do your research and consider the following to get top dollar for your property...

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10 Jun

Pest Free Kumeu-Huapai

So we've made it into winter and all the rats and mice that like living warm and dry are now somewhere inside your house, garage or shed.  Unless you knocked them off over autumn with traps and bait...

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6 Jun

June at Kumeu Arts

We celebrate two big events in June with exhibitions for the Auckland Festival of Photography as well as Matariki. Local photographers Judy Stokes and Gail Stent have their exhibition ‘Natural Collaboration’ in the main gallery while the Kumeu Photo Group are displaying a collection of images in the pod...

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3 Jun

Liquorland Kumeu

Liquorland Kumeu at Unit 5/6, 1 Putaki Drive in the Kumeu Central business complex has regular fantastic promotions, a friendly and welcoming environment, and a passionate and knowledgeable team on hand to help with buying decisions.

Run by brothers Jayesh and Rajesh Topiwala, Liquorland Kumeu is a franchised Kiwi-owned business which has been open since November 5 last year...

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1 Jun

Pink Ribbon Lunch

Waimauku Lions will host a Pink Ribbon Lunch on Sunday June 12 with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. The community fundraising event is at the Waimauku War Memorial Hall from 11am to 2.30pm.

Lions will be baking, and will also ask others to contribute, so that a nice selection of lunch items will be available. A muffin or slice of cake with a cup of coffee or tea will be $5 per person, or $10 per family (children under 14 are free)...

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30 May

Sayers says it

By Rodney Ward Councillor Greg Sayers

Ratepayers care deeply about the Auckland Council reducing its overspending and waste.

The council now has an income of more than $5.3 billion a year – so how can it make the savings and efficiency improvements ratepayers desire?

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26 May

Phelan’s Local Board update

Empty buses seem to make great ‘letter to the editor’ or talkback fodder. For some people there’s nothing more irritating and wasteful than seeing an empty bus that they’re paying for. So, what is going on? is it something we should be worried about, and why don’t we just run buses that are full?

Normally Local Boards have nothing to do with public transport provision. However, in Rodney the introduction of the Rodney Transport Targeted Rate which has been used to give more areas of Rodney, including rural areas, access to public transport, has given us insight into how public transport works and why, sometimes, buses are empty...

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23 May

Will Minister Wood help the NorthWest?

Kumeu Community Action members put their questions about this area to the Minister of Transport, Michael Wood, in late April.

The NW community is an area with huge potential for intensive housing and is only 20 minutes from the city centre off-peak. If you travelled to the South, the same distance from the centre would see you in Manurewa and to the North, just past Albany...

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19 May

Smile is a full-face event

Do you know that muscle relaxants such as Botox and Dysport have been used in dentistry for years primarily to treat gummy smiles and muscle pain resulting from grinding or clenching teeth? You no longer need to suffer. Next time you visit your dentist, ask about how they can help you...

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16 May

Elderberry Syrup recipe

Elderberry syrup is an ancient and traditional remedy, most commonly used to assist with coughs and colds.  Elderberries are tiny, dark burgundy-coloured berries that are sour in taste and contain many nutrients, in particular, high levels of antioxidants.  Elder trees grow well in Auckland and can be propagated from cuttings...

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12 May


With winter just around the corner, an outdoor pet photography session may not exactly sound appealing (although winter sunsets are stunning). With this in mind, it is the perfect time to consider studio photographs. I have an indoor photo studio specialising in the photographing of dogs both by themselves and with their families (if you want to hop in front of my camera too). Sometimes it is the simplest of images which can be the most striking and that is why I love studio shoots..

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9 May

Ferns for your garden

Autumn is here and so are our ferns at Awa Nursery.  Often ferns are overlooked when designing a native garden, but the lush green fronds can add texture and interest to your garden – not to mention the iconic nature of the silver fern.  Most gardeners will associate ferns with shade, and certainly, if you have a spot in your garden which is shady or semi shaded, ferns are an excellent choice...

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5 May

Getting a home loan: Is your income a bit complicated?

When it comes to getting a home loan the journey can be different for everyone; however, at the very least you will always need to show:

1)  That you have an adequate deposit (or security/equity)

2) That you have the income needed to service the loan (i.e. make payments)...

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1 May

Anger over SH16 upgrade delays

Traffic on SH16 through the NorthWest appears back to its usual congestion and frustration levels.

But works to improve the highway’s situation – including the safety improvements from Brigham Creek to Waimauku – seem to be retreating into the distance...

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28 Apr

Behaviour danger

At Country Bears we are very aware of how vulnerable children are.  We promote respectful and reciprocal relationships with our children and whanau.  Through these relationships, we can provide guidance and support to our teachers, children and families...

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25 Apr

Mango Melt

Take a moment to Nurture You with our new Mango Infusion by Pure Fiji.

Take time for you, relax with a warm nourishing foot soak in our stunning copper bowl to start. Pure Fiji Bath soak infuses into the skin to hydrate and nourish while added cane sugar and exotic oils hydrate to bring back a glow to tired feet...

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21 Apr


When our new Chef, Logan Coath, joined the Hallertau family in August 2021, he wasn’t expecting his first task to be all about creating people-pleasing takeaways during a lockdown. Based on the number of Haloumi Burgers and Fish ‘n’ Chips you guys got your sandwich grabbers on during that time, it’s safe to say he nailed the brief and pleased the people...

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18 Apr

Cat lovers we need your help

The NZ Cat Foundation has a sanctuary based in Huapai which houses over 150 cats. We offer safe sanctuary for older, disadvantaged and un-homeable rescue cats where they can live out their lives in safety and comfort.  We need regular volunteers to help with routine chores so our cats can enjoy happy, healthy, safe lives...

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14 Apr

Top tips for saving power

1. Appliances - Not using it? Switch it off at the wall. If the wall switch is on, you’re still using a bit of power.

2. Lighting - LED lights are slightly more expensive to buy, but they last 10 to 20 years – and use far less electricity...

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11 Apr

KiwiSaver– back to basics

So, you finally saved up that big deposit for your first home, but most of the funds are in your KiwiSaver.  How do you go about getting these funds released? Good news is your lawyer will help you to withdraw your KiwiSaver.  There are however a few basic requirements you should be aware of...

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7 Apr

The Green Grocer Kumeu

With Easter almost upon us, come and visit The Green Grocer in the Kumeu Village for a delicious, toasted hot cross bun with butter melting on it and a lovely take away coffee.  Catering to gluten-free and paleo dietary requirements, Steph is stocking the amazingly-tasty Thoroughbread-branded hot cross buns in packs...

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4 Apr

Kumeu Arts

Discover the beauty of ‘Multiples’ this April through our latest exhibition at Kumeu Arts. Spanning both galleries the exhibition includes nine artists who have created a series of works connected in theme, scale and media. In a time of isolation - showcasing unity and how a collective artwork highlights the individuality in each piece...

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1 Apr

Great grape harvest

Kumeu River Wines is celebrating another good grape harvest – it’s fourth in a row.

"Another fantastic vintage after a long, dry summer,” says winemaker Michael Brajkovich of his 41st vintage with the last load of chardonnay now in...

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