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17 Jun

FREE Health talk on raising healthy Kids!

7pm Wednesday 19th June, Live Chiropractic 306a Main Road, Huapai

Have you ever wondered why some kids seem to be so healthy whereas others seem to always be sick? Sometimes, even inside of the same family. How could this be?

What really determines whether a kid thrives or struggles? Is it bad genes? Bad germs? Bad luck?

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14 Jun

Gently Loved Markets

Gently Loved Markets is back at the Kumeu Community Centre on Sunday 16th June for your preloved treasure hunt at the new time of 10am till 1pm.

With over 30 stalls selling preloved, modern, vintage, retro and upcycled clothing, accessories and homewares. Grab a friend and your favourite fabric bag for your preloved fix. All stalls are indoors, with changing rooms at the venue to you can try before you buy. The event is mainly cash, some stall holders accept bank transfers...

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10 Jun

Kumeu Book Fair July 6 and 7

Huapai-Kumeu Lions will be running another Book Fair at the Kumeu Community Centre on Saturday July 6 and Sunday July 7, 9am to 1.30pm.

Lions will be assisted by people from Waimauku Scouts for this fair.

The new Scout hall in Waimauku is a fine building and the Lions Club is pleased to have supported its construction over several years by sharing profits from its book fairs...

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7 Jun

What’s on at Kumeu Arts

This June we’re taking part in the Auckland Festival of Photography. Our galleries will be filled with a range of stunning images. Local photographer and chef Charlie Yang says… “I am fascinated by stairs. They seem to reflect my journey and my past. Variously designed, they hide stories containing the twists and turns of life”. Printed in his home country of Korea on handmade paper, Charlie’s dramatic series will be displayed in our Pod. While in our Main Gallery Kumeu Arts members will showcase a wide variety of approaches and subject matter alongside the Kumeu Photography group. After that we’re celebrating Matariki with more exhibitions and a community gathering on the eve of the public holiday (June 27th). We welcome you along to this free, family friendly event. Visit our website or social media for more details on this and our classes and workshops.

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5 Jun

Waitemata Endoscopy is right behind Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

June in NZ marks Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and Waitemata Endoscopy is right behind supporting Bowel Cancer NZ to spread its biggest symptom awareness campaign.  Bowel cancer is preventable, and yet NZ has one the highest rates of bowel cancer. So the goal is to reach as many Kiwis as possible, so they know the symptoms and to get checked if they have concerns.

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3 Jun

Clearstone Legal commemorates 10 years

Debra Barron is the Principal of Clearstone Legal which started in June 2014 and is holding an invitation-only party to celebrate. 

“We will also be having specials and giveaways throughout the month of June,” says Debra, inviting people to check out Clearstone Legal’s Facebook page for further details...

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1 Jun

Plenty happening at Brix and Co

Brix and Co is West Auckland’s very own beverage hub.

New Zealand owned and operated it was established in July 2016 at the historic Matua Valley vineyard site in Waimauku - renowned for New Zealand’s first Sauvignon Blanc vines...

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31 May

Feeling a bit low? Maybe it’s time to check your iron levels

Iron deficiency silently lurks, affecting many New Zealanders, yet often goes unnoticed until symptoms become severe. This condition, characterized by low iron levels results in insufficient red blood cell production (anaemia) and can have profound consequences on an individuals’ health and well-being...

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27 May

Blend Art Cafe

During COVID, entrepreneur and mother of two young children Amy Brent-Jones created a concept making concrete decor selling from a trailer to eventually leasing her own premises to open what is now Blend Art Cafe.

Amy has created a safe space that takes care of parents and their kids with delicious healthy food options and an art space to occupy them...

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24 May

Landscape designer competing at Asian garden festival

As a teenager growing up in Taranaki, Riverhead resident Jules Moore won the Rose Bowl Cup for Top Horticultural Apprentice.

Since then, her career has grown, branched out, and blossomed – and this August  she’ll be representing New Zealand at the prestigious Singapore Garden Festival, the only New Zealander invited to participate...

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20 May

Unlock the Healing Powers of Hydrotherapy

In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of tranquility and relaxation is essential for maintaining our well-being. Trueform Spa Pools offer more than just a luxurious escape; they provide a myriad of health benefits that can transform your life. From easing muscle tension to promoting better sleep, the therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy are truly remarkable...

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17 May

A callout to stressed mums

This month @LiveChiropractic is presenting a FREE health workshop all about stress: how it works, why it affects your health, and what you can do about it, and since May is Mom’s month, we’ve made it specifically for her.

Stress has been linked with poor sleep, anxiety, depression, addiction, and chronic pain. However, learning how to handle stress can actually result in INCREASED health and vitality...

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13 May

Good from Scratch

An evening of cooking demonstrations with guest chef Ashmita from Tandoori bar and eatery - Thursday the 30th of May.

At the Good from Scratch cookery school, we are thrilled to be joined once again by the wonderful Ashmita of Tandoori bar and eatery. Come along for an evening of demonstrations and tasters as you learn the secrets of creating beautiful Indian dishes at home...

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10 May

Cut above the west – Stihl Shop Westgate

Who is your local West Auckland garden maintenance guy or gal who cuts your grass, does your edges or hedges and keeps your property looking great? 

Where are these good, reliable, garden heroes? 

Let’s celebrate them...

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6 May

Importance of pre-settlement inspections for investments

Investing in a new build property can be an exciting venture for landlords, offering the allure of modern amenities and reduced maintenance. However, before finalizing the purchase of such an investment, conducting a pre-settlement inspection is crucial. At The Rent Shop Hobsonville, we understand the significance of this process in ensuring our investor clients make informed decisions and protect their interests...

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1 May

Taupaki School commemorates 125 years

Taupaki School celebrates 125 years since it first opened in 1899 - growing from a tiny schoolhouse to a thriving hub of culture, innovation and community spirit.

People are invited to an afternoon of activities at 14 Cottle Road (near the Waitakere Road intersection) on Thursday May 23 from 2pm...

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29 Apr

Freedom Drivers

Personal driving service for Hobsonville, Whenuapai, Riverhead, Kumeu, Huapai, Waimauku, Taupaki, Massey and West Harbour

Getting out and about and doing the things you have always done is an important part of keeping independent. Freedom Drivers Hobsonville, owned by long-time local Paul Miller, offers a safe, trustworthy and caring service that is about a lot more than just transport...

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26 Apr

Blend goes ‘road’

Exciting news - hot off the press

Our crazy and fun-loving Amy sweet talked her partner Carl to buy a second-hand caravan to convert into a mobile food trailer and guess what?

Yes, you guessed it!

She got her way and now Blend goes ‘road’.

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22 Apr

Pet Patch

A Tail-Wagging Start: Basic Training Tips for New Puppy Pawents from Pet Patch

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a heartwarming experience, but it comes with the responsibility of laying the groundwork for a well-behaved and happy furry family member. Basic training techniques are the building blocks for a strong bond and a harmonious relationship with your playful pup...

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19 Apr

Leap into autumn

As the vibrant colours of autumn emerge, signaling the transition from the warmth of summer to the chill of winter, it's essential for landlords to embrace proactive home maintenance for their rental properties. Autumn offers a prime opportunity to undertake necessary upkeep tasks that fortify properties against the challenges posed by the impending winter months. At The Rent Shop Hobsonville, we recognise the significance of seasonal maintenance and are dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition for property owners. While the prospect of home maintenance may seem overwhelming, our experienced team is here to provide guidance and support every step of the way...

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15 Apr

Chiropractic for a better pregnancy and birth

Live Chiropractic is presenting a FREE health talk all about supporting your body through pregnancy. This event is open to all people in the community that are pregnant, hoping to soon get pregnant or health professionals that work with pregnant clients. 7pm Wednesday 17th April at Live Chiropractic - 306a Main Road, Huapai- next to the Art Centre, Nibbles will be provided...

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11 Apr

What’s on at Good Planet

PYO Strawberries and Raspberries, Real Fruit Ice Cream.  Our holidays hours are Tuesday to Sunday with Adventure & Splash Park open 10-4pm daily (closed Mondays - see our website for details:

Good Planet Cafe - Enjoy our chef's bold creations from innovative twists on classic favourites to daring culinary delights, every bite promises to ignite your taste buds...

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8 Apr

PWR Fit Studios

PWR Fit Studios is having a Nutrition event with Renee Diment and you are invited. "Eating Well, Living Better: A Practical Guide to Nutrition and Life"

In today's fast-paced world, finding the perfect balance between eating healthily and enjoying life's pleasures can seem like an unattainable goal. That's why I have designed a seminar that demystifies nutrition basics while embracing the reality that food is also about joy, culture, and celebration. Our seminar, "Eating Well, Living Better: A Practical Guide to Nutrition and Life" promises an engaging, insightful, and practical approach to nutrition that respects both your health goals and your love for life's delicious moments...

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4 Apr

Coeliac disease – what to look out for

Coeliac disease is a common illness where the body’s immune system attacks the gut after eating gluten containing foods. Gluten is a protein that is found in three types of grain: Wheat, Barley, and Rye. The condition affects 1% of the population. The risk is even higher if you have one or more family members affected – 10-20%. However, 70% of cases remain undiagnosed and Coeliac is being increasingly found in older patients – 25% of cases are diagnosed after the age of 60...

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1 Apr

Lavender Hill releases London Dry Gin

Sustainable Riverhead lifestyle farm Lavender Hill has announced the release of its latest creation London Dry Gin.

The distinctive small batch gin is made on site in a 150-litre solar-powered gin still called “Little Lottie”, using fresh rainwater, rosemary and lemon peel from the farm...

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29 Dec

Introducing you to the team at Heart Saver

Our people are the heart of our business.  As a local Kumeu business, we would love for our community to get to know the wonderful, passionate people who make our company great and what makes them each so special.

This month, we kick off with our Managing Director, Mike Mander...

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8 Jan

Light up Your lifestyle

We Kiwis are known for our laid-back lifestyles. Spending summer nights enjoying a BBQ with friends, and winter evenings huddled around firepits and pizza ovens – we make the most of our outdoor spaces. Which is why it’s so important to ensure that lighting around the exterior of your home does exactly what you need it to do...

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