We are a local family from Waimauku; Jordan, Nicole and our 2 ½ yr old son Max. We are a family owned and run company producing skincare products handmade by us with Organic and Wild Harvested Ingredients.

Our flagship product – Baby Bum Spray is designed to be an alternative and direct competitor to traditional nappy/barrier creams, just clean the area then confidently spray Baby Bum Spray and fasten the nappy, simple. No fuss, no need to wash your hands.

We are excited to introduce three new products to expand our range:

• Skin Relief: This product is specifically designed for irritated or sensitive skin. It comes in our convenient spray format, making it The Smarter, Simpler Change with an extra gentle touch.

• Mummy’s Tummy: Our Belly Oil is packed with nourishing and moisturising properties to support your skin before, during, and after the beautiful journey of growing your little one. Like all our products, it comes in a handy spray for added convenience.

• Baby Body Spray: Our Baby Massage and Moisturising Oil Spray is the perfect solution for after bath time or part of a bedtime routine, ensuring your little one's skin remains soft and smooth.

We have a special running at the moment just for locals, use the code KUMEUCOURIER for 20% off your order. We also offer free order pick up for our locals and sometimes even drop off depending on where you live. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram or our website www.reidorganics.co.nz.