Rural subdivision: potential profits?

Do you own rural land that feels underutilised? Perhaps you've heard about changes to land use regulations? Subdividing your rural property can be a great way to capitalise on these shifts and unlock options for you.  Read on and discover if subdividing could be your way forward.

Why do people subdivide their rural property?

•Sell the subdivided land to fund another housing project.

• Help your children get on the property ladder.

• Build and sell new houses on the subdivided land.

• Help fund your retirement.

• Your section is too large for your needs.

• Your property has been re-zoned to include subdivision.

Is Subdivision an Option for Me?

Thomas Consultants Managing Director, Richard Thomas recommends talking to his planning team to understand what your options are.  “We talk to landowners who don’t fully understand their lands potential eg: expect 3 lots and we unlock 4 lots via Transferable Rural Titles. While others doubt feasibility”, says Richard.  

What’s a Transferable Rural Subdivision (TRS)?

Let’s say your rural property includes a nice chunk of native bush or wetland. The TRS allows you to create new titles and sell them off while still protecting the natural area.  This plan allows you to create value, protect nature, allows buyers to purchase a rural site. 

Seize the Day - There is talk of TRS rules changes, but if or when this happens is uncertain.  Now's the time to consult with a rural subdivision expert so you can take advantage of the options available under the current plan. 

“For over 20 years, our team of planners, ecologists, and specialists has helped West Aucklanders navigate land development, including subdivision. We understand your questions, and we have the expertise to answer them clearly.  Plus, our strong connections with Transferable Title Rights experts give ‘whole picture’ results for our customers”, says Richard.   

Start your land conversation and talk to Thomas Consultants by calling 09 836 1804 or email They’ll arrive with their gumboots and your coffee in hand!